My first memory of creating something musical is very distant summer afternoon in my nan’s house where I sat by piano and put together a sequence of what now I know are very basic triads. My dad, being a classically trained professional musician was very happy to see his three year old daughter being interested in music but it wasn’t until 10 years later that I started to work on my songwriting more seriously.

“I am just so excited about all the songs that can still be created!”

I think a lot of us find that songwriting came to us probably during teenage years and helped us at the time when we needed it. Like for many people being a teen, writing was based on instinct and just from the heart. It was much later that I actively started to think about particular styles of writing, direction, aim etc. The same thing I notice in my students who have the theory knowledge but often fail to link the theory with actual writing in their early years of songwriting. Initially it was the music element that meant more to me rather than the lyrics but in time I learnt to really push myself to mean every word and make it count. I am still learning and of course there are still so many things to develop. I am just so excited about all the songs that can still be created!

I have been very blessed to work with some amazing musicians and songwriters and the talent that I see and hear all is just so inspiring. Here is a small selection of some of the songs that I have been involved in:

Title: Just One Breath Away | Genre: Adult Contemporary Pop

Title: Dark Cloud | Genre: Drum & Bass

Title: Messed Up | Genre: EDM

Title: Guardian Angel | Genre: Singer Songwriter

Title: Perfectly Impossible | Genre: Country Pop

Title: Living Life Awake | Genre: Adult Contemporary

Title: Please Stay | Genre: Pop Rock

Title: Ocean Away | Genre: Downtempo Pop

“Meldra is a great songwriter & collaborator, her strong sense for melody and lyric plus knowing as a performer what an audience can relate to makes her a great writing companion. Looking forward to creating again with her soon!”

Dale Everingham (Grammy Winning Producer, 25+ Platinum and Gold hits)